ACP2. Evaluation of Cardiovascular Activity of an Ayurvedic Preparation ‘Chandanasav’in Rat Model

Danis Rahman2*, Mohammad Shah Amran1§, M. S. K. Choudhuri2, Md. Abdur Rashid1

1Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. 2Department of Pharmacy,

1. Abstract: Chandanasav is Ayurvedic medicine used for female diseases such as Useful in seminal disorders, menstrual disorder, retention of urine, strangury, anemia, painful micturation, gonorrohoea, syphilis, involuntary emission of seminal fluid, diabetes mellitus, urinary disorder, headache indigestion, anorexia. Ayurvedic drugs are getting importance and reputation day by day because it has fewer side effects and give necessary pharmacological action. But prolonged and excess usage may lead to harmful effects such as damage of the heart muscle leading to various types of arrhythmia and coronary artery diseases. We have measured the electrocardiographical (ECG) parameters using an ECG machine (Vet 300, EDAN, China) in rat model before and after administration of the drug to assess the cardiovascular profile of Chandanasav. We observed that Chandanasav in a dose-dependent manner (200µg/Kg-3200µg/Kg) produced heart blocks and various types of arrhythmias in rats. We thus conclude that Chandanasav should be used with proper monitoring by the pre-existing heart patients.

Keyword: Ayurvedic, Chandanasav, ECG, Cardiovascular disease, Ketamine.


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